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Planet Mandy

Planet Mandy

Planet Mandy: Hey boys! I'm Mandy! I'm just a sweet down to earth college chick from Texas. What you see is what you get with me! I love to party and chill with my friends on the weekends and when I don't have classes! I love to model for my site, it makes me feel sexy so I really hope you like the pictures! Anyways, send me an email sometime and we'll get to know each other!

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Planet Mandy Free Galleries

CasualGo to CasualAdded: 2010-06-20Daisy DukesGo to Daisy DukesAdded: 2010-06-20Daring MandyGo to Daring MandyAdded: 2010-06-20DoorwayGo to DoorwayAdded: 2010-06-20FencingGo to FencingAdded: 2010-06-20LuxorGo to LuxorAdded: 2010-06-20FiresideGo to FiresideAdded: 2010-06-20FootballGo to FootballAdded: 2010-06-20FridgeryGo to FridgeryAdded: 2010-06-20Garage NudeyGo to Garage NudeyAdded: 2010-06-20GoodnessGo to GoodnessAdded: 2010-06-20Hotness On The BeachGo to Hotness On The BeachAdded: 2010-06-20I Heart MandyGo to I Heart MandyAdded: 2010-06-20In My BedGo to In My BedAdded: 2010-06-20InnocenceGo to InnocenceAdded: 2010-06-20LotionGo to LotionAdded: 2010-06-20LoungingGo to LoungingAdded: 2010-06-20Mr TeddyGo to Mr TeddyAdded: 2010-06-20NecktieGo to NecktieAdded: 2010-06-20PinkGo to PinkAdded: 2010-06-20Pink ShirtGo to Pink ShirtAdded: 2010-06-20Pink WindowGo to Pink WindowAdded: 2010-06-20PlumberGo to PlumberAdded: 2010-06-20Pool SharkGo to Pool SharkAdded: 2010-06-20Porch DoorGo to Porch DoorAdded: 2010-06-20Santa MandyGo to Santa MandyAdded: 2010-06-20Santas HelperGo to Santas HelperAdded: 2010-06-20Strawberry ShortcakeGo to Strawberry ShortcakeAdded: 2010-06-20Striped ShirtGo to Striped ShirtAdded: 2010-06-20StripesGo to StripesAdded: 2010-06-20Tank ItGo to Tank ItAdded: 2010-06-20Valentines With MandyGo to Valentines With MandyAdded: 2010-06-20Working OutGo to Working OutAdded: 2010-06-2041 MavsGo to 41 MavsAdded: 2010-06-20A And FGo to A And FAdded: 2010-06-20Baby Blue SkirtGo to Baby Blue SkirtAdded: 2010-06-20Black VelvetGo to Black VelvetAdded: 2010-06-20BlueGo to BlueAdded: 2010-06-20By The WindowGo to By The WindowAdded: 2010-06-20Car MeshGo to Car MeshAdded: 2010-06-20


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